BugAway Butter's Back Story

Everyone who knows me or has been following Cocobuttery for a while knows that there are a series of events that lead to products for sale. I say for sale because not everything that gets made, makes it to the website. So let me tell you about Bugaway Butter...around this time last year, while looking for some content inspiration, I stumbled across a video about Off bug spray being used to clean the cloudy film off of a car's headlights. In the video the guy spray the Off onto the headlights and wipes it clean with a cloth and then rinses it with water cautioning the listeners not to get it on the paint because it would eat the paint off the car AND make sure to rinse thoroughly so it doesn't melt the plastic. "I'm sorry, what did he just say?" was my response as I watched the video serval times in disbelief. I, like most people used that stuff for years. I stopped when I was pregnant, oddly enough because to my pregnant nose it smelled like poison. Come to find out, DEET which is the active ingredient in most bug sprays is what I was smelling.

A few days after seeing that video and kinda forgetting about it, I got a call from one of my long time Cocobuttery users, who had started morning walks by the river, with a question and a suggestion about an all natural bug repellent. I thrive on customer feedback and suggestions so being up for the challenge, I researched and ordered every oil known to naturally repel insects. My sister also used to make bug repellent and I reached out to her for some insight which she happily provided.

I ordered all of the oils with proven bug repelling properties and started playing with formulas. I took all of the oils and placed a few drops of each into 30 different measuring cups adjusting the scents to get what is now known as Lemongrass Eucalyptus and Basil Spearmint Bugaway Butter. I had a great time making these two products. The Lemongrass Eucalyptus gave me feelings of summer camp and late nights chasing lightning bugs while the Basil Spearmint gave me 5 Star vacation vibes and evenings in the backyard around a fire pit.

When Bugaway Butter hit Cocobuttery.com it seemed like I couldn't make it fast enough but now I've got a good rhythm and it's seasonal so it's available now. If you read this far you get a 15% off discount on your Bugaway purchase this weekend only when you use code BASIL15 or LEMON15. I won't spend time cautioning you on the aggressive mosquitos that are already out in so many areas, I will simply provide you with a solution that works!

~Jenn Jones~

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