And Cocobuttery Was Born...

Most of us have used Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil independently for various reasons, so imagine the power of the blend of all three in the

Classic Cocobuttery Body Butter.


As a child I remember not being the biggest fan of sitting down to get my scalp greased but loving the feeling of my mothers fingers rubbing coconut oil on it and pulling it gently to the ends of my hair before either hot combing it or giving me a fresh set of cornrows.

When my brother or I fell and scratched our knees and elbows, a yellow or orange cocoa butter stick magically appeared to keep us from scaring while speeding up the healing process.

I was introduced to shea butter in college. The Hampton University campus we threaded with the "go to's" for Black skin and hair. The first time I used raw shea butter and went outside it was like the my skin was awaked by the sun.

Fast forward to January, 2000, I was 26 years old about to turn 27 and a new Mother of a beautiful 3 month old little girl. She was suffering from extreme eczema and I took her to the best doctors that state issued insurance allowed and they all gave me prescriptions for ointments and creams with ingredients that were unnatural and difficult to pronounce. In addition to them containing steroids which are not good for prolonged use, they didn't help her condition at all. Something in my spirit was uneasy about that and I knew I needed to find an all natural alternative.

I recall walking the streets of Philadelphia tirelessly and coming up empty. I fell asleep crying and praying and when I woke up, the formula was dancing around in my head. Once I purchased the ingredients and mixed them together, I began to apply them to my baby generously and started to see her eczema dissipate. Since I had recently had a baby and was on my weight loss journey I applied it to my body as well to avoid stretch marks as I lost the baby weight.

Over the years Cocobuttery's simple formula of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil has been mastered and shared with friends and family. Now we are ready to share it with the world.

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